The idea for Pen Island is to create a community that lives and breathes our “Reverse Mullet” mantra. Party in the front and Business in the back. We want to be a community where people go to unwind and feel authentically themselves. We want to provide our members a space where they can laugh, tell stories and connect to like minded individuals. More than anything we want a space where our members feel supported. Our community focus will be to empower each other, whether it's a tough day at work, a lost loved one, or a battle with mental health. We want our community to feel as though they have 6969 peckers standing testy to testy with them no matter what life throws their way.

Philanthropy comes hand in hand with supporting a prospering community. We will be allocating 40% of the Pen Island sales and royalties directly to the Pen Island Treasury. Our goal for these funds is to directly impact the lives of those that need it most. We want to entrust the community with the choice of where the funds go, whether it be an organization, a fellow Pen Island community member, or even someone from a local community who could use a helping hand. As more members join and more stories are heard we hope to make an impact on as many lives as possible no matter the size.

Awareness is the climax to what Pen Island has grown into. Our Humble beginnings as a project meant to put a smile on holders faces has evolved. Using the Reverse Mullet Mantra to spread awareness for those that need to be heard. With focuses on mental health and sexual health, Pen Island hopes to provide an opportunity for members to speak openly about challenges they have faced. With team members who have experienced both mental health and sexual heatlh battles we are eager to set the stage for them, and others, to speak freely about what they and their love ones have endured. Utilizing our community as an echo chamber of support and education for all involved.

As the community grows our goal is to produce a film highlighting Mens Mental & Sexual Health stigmas and concerns. Many men have had no outlet or felt safe to talk about their issues. This idea is in its infancy but as we grow together be sure to check for updates from the team on what to expect next!

Krypto Keaton
Cole Doran
Creative Director
Aaron Villeneuve
Cole Kennedy